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MAY 19, 2010

Where do I begin, as we traveled on bus heading towards Washington, DC, we were all so excited to be a part of this important protest, a protest that, will allow us to reach out to so many. When I arrived I was so excited to see Cara, such a positive woman, her strength shines through her eyes and the love of a new child. God bless you Cara and your new daughter. Then Gail, a strong leader you are!

Sadly, my observations of many that stopped by and looked at the signs that were carried by Kathy and Alicia and a few others were some positive and then, some were not so positive.

I am proud to say that, several of my group sister's such as Marie C, Rene O, and Yvonne S., took this bus ride with me in support of this protest for Justice for many children who's voices are not being heard.

We are here for one another because we are all survivors of Domestic Violence and we came to Washington, DC to support other's who continue to suffer.

Sadly, my speech was canceled.

Gail, I think it was wonderful that, the reporter from Russia was so interested in how the injustice in this country towards children and women is being ignored but...I find this reporter from Russia to be a bit standoffish towards me.

Sweet, wonderful Cara noticed how rude this reporter was towards me. I am extremely grateful to you Cara, for all your love and support. Cara wanted so much for my story to be heard. Cara mucha gracia por tu amor! Translate - Cara, thank you so much for your love.

Many still do not want to discuss the truth about Domestic Violence. Many would rather avoid the topic. Domestic Violence continues to affect many homes.

I am thankful to Cara for inviting me to Washington, DC in support of many children who are victims and survivors of Domestic Violence.

My sister's and I realize that, we still feel victimized but...We are survivors and we will continue to do everything in our power to help and support others.

As I stood looking through the gates of the White House, I could not help but....Cry. Behind those gates is our President Obama. Yet so close but...So far. I wish he could hear our cries.

God bless all of you!

Love and respect,

Rosa Torres-Sadler

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